Klubfunder - fundraising for clubs


Club gear is a great fundraiser for clubs

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  • Increase the revenue generated from your club merchandise sales
  • Reduce the adminstration of collecting gear orders
  • The club can decide what items they want to sell
  • Enables payments to be easily collected online
  • Payments go directly to the club
  • All order details stored in one place
  • Order details can be easily downloaded and sent to supplier
  • Members can buy club gear from the comfort of home
  • Saves time and reduces administration for the committee
  • Its FREE to use. Klubfunder.com charges no commission



  • Its easy to use
  • Club can upload the products to sell
  • You can set a cut off time for orders
  • Orders and payments can be made online
  • Order details can be downloaded to a spreadsheet
  • Members can be notified when gear arrives
  • Works across all mobile and desktop devices