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KlubFunder Charges

NO signup fee, NO commission charges and NO catches.
Fee Cost
Setup fee £0 / €0
Commission charges £0 / €0
Ongoing fees £0 / €0

Payment Processing Costs

To enable the club to take payments online it will need a payment provider e.g. PayPal, Stripe etc.
Payment providers provide a secure facility to collect payments online and will charge a small fee for this service (KlubFunder add no additional charges, the club can deal directly with their preferred payment provider)

Below are the current payment provider options that can be used to accept online payments through KlubFunder.com. These options provide some of the most competitive rates available for clubs, starting from as low as 1.4%

So what does this mean?
Lets take an example.
Say your club is using PayPal to collect its online payments and the rates are 1.4% (+ 35 cent auth fee).
If you were taking a payment of €20, then the charges would be:
Commission Fee (1.4%) = €0.28
Auth fee = €0.35
Total fee = €0.63
Money to club = €19.36