Online Club Shop

The easiest way to sell club gear

We are proud to be partners with top brands. Ordering kit can be a long and difficult process organising payments, sizing and embroidery can take months! At Klubfunder we can open an online shop for your klub so your members can order what kit they want and pay for it online! This reduces the hassle of ordering gear by 90% and increases revenue while reducing administration. Not only do we help klubs with the process we will offer klubs a competitive price, we always help klubs save money, resulting in more funds still available to your klub.

UHL Sport

How an online shop works

The klub has complete control over their shop! The klub lets our team know what items they would like to sell including quantities, sizing and prices! Each klub can also choose when during the year they wish to have their shop open. Each klub can easily share their link via social media to their Klubfunder shop. Or potential customers can search for their klub on

"We brought our Club Shop online thinking that it would make the process of gear orders a little bit easier for those involved, which it did. What we didn't expect was for the online facility to boost our shop sales by about 50% on last year's total, so for us it was more sales with less hassle!"

Malcolm MacFarlane - Chairman - Bredagh GAC, Down
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