Online Club Shop

The easiest way to sell club gear

"We brought our Club Shop online thinking that it would make the process of gear orders a little bit easier for those involved, which it did. What we didn't expect was for the online facility to boost our shop sales by about 50% on last year's total, so for us it was more sales with less hassle!"

Malcolm MacFarlane - Chairman - Bredagh GAC, Down

Taking the hassle out of managing klub gear sales. Ordering kit can be a long and difficult process. Collecting order details like quantities and sizes. Collecting and chasing payments. At Klubfunder we can reduce the hassle by about 90% by providing an online shop for your klub. Your members can easily order klub gear online and pay from the comfort of home! The klub admin can they run a report that has all the details and send it off to the supplier. Not only do we help klubs with their online shops, we also provide access to great prices and discounts through our partner brands at Klubsport resulting in more funds still available to your klub.

UHL Sport

How an online shop works

The klub has complete control over their shop! Through their MyAccount area the klub can add in the items they would like to sell including quantities, sizing and prices! Each klub can also choose when during the year they wish to have their shop open. The klub can easily share the link to their online shop via social media.

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