Extended Reach

Extending your clubs fundraising reach

No klub could function without raising funds whether you are a premiership football klub or a local community running klub. At Klubfunder we provide an option for you to collect money online which means you can reach anyone in the world! When the fundraiser collection is online it is easily accessible to your members and their supporters, so contributions can be collected hassle free. Trying to raise funds by going door to door to sell tickets can be a hard sell because people don't have any cash in the house. Or collecting payments at training times can be a complex process because people forget and want to bring the money next week. Moving online is a convenient and quick process to collect funds for everyone!

How it works

Klubfunder generates a shareable link and you can share it on your klubs social media platforms, WhatsApp groups, and website! Associates of your klub can go to www.klubfunder.com and search for their klub.

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"I have found using Klubfunder efficient and very easy to use. It helps us promote our klub membership online as well as a platform for online fundraising events. In addition since launching our online lotto, it has helped boost our lotto sales. No issues at all and will continue to make use of Klubfunder."

Pat Codd - Secretary - St Treas Ballymaguigan, Derry
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